A good time to start baby swimming is after you have built up your baby’s water confidence by getting them used to being in water both at home and in the pool. The perfect start for you and your baby is to attend adult and child sessions which allow your child to get used to being in the water in a small group of people. It also helps to give you, the adult, more confidence in supporting your child in the water.

These sessions start to teach your child the basic skills they need to learn to swim including how to move in water, floating, streamlining and how to get in and out of the pool safely when old enough to do so.

Our Baby swimming lessons are run by a qualified ASA teacher, who uses fun activities, games and songs to allow your baby to get comfortable and more confident gradually, over a series of weeks.

Come and find out some more and bring your baby for a swim with us for some memories you wont forget. We recommenced to start these lessons at 12 weeks.

For children aged from 2 ½ years. Your child is accompanied in the water by a qualified ASA teacher, whilst you watch from the poolside. The lessons are structured with the aid of toys, games and songs. These lessons follow the ASA Duckling awards stages 1 to 5 and set the foundations to start learning each of the swimming strokes that form part of the syllabus

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