Competitive Swimmer Stage 10

By the end of Stage 10 (Competitive Swimming) of the ASA Learn to Swim Framework your pupils should have reached 7 outcomes relating to relay takeovers:

1. Complete a set lasting 1600m (either 16 x 100m; 8 x 200m; 4 x 400m) on a specific timed turn around set by the coach (e.g. 2.30min for 100m; 5.30min for 200m; 12min for 400m)

2. Swim 1500m continuously using one stroke

3. Perform a continuous 100m Individual Medley kick without using a kick board

4. Swim a continuous 200m Individual Medley using legal turns

5. Perform a 15m under water butterfly kick on back or front in a streamlined position

6. Perform a front crawl relay take over: – as an incoming swimmer

7. Perform a front crawl relay take over: – as an outgoing swimmer

Think about using the ASA Rainbow Distance Award for 1,500m, the ASA Swimming Stroke Awards and the ASA Swimming Challenge Award – Honours Challenge to round off the swimmer’s pathway through the LTS.