Parking permits & where to park

•At the Oasis Centre at QA Hospital we do offer parking permits at £10 for a 10 week term. With this permit it allows you to be able to park in one of the 4 permit holders sections that surround the Oasis building (please see parking map attached.)

•When parked in a permit bay, the permit will need to be displayed on your dash with your arrival time (as you will get 2hrs of parking from the time of arrival.)

•The permit will expire the same date as your swim term will finish.

•We can only issue customers with a permit once at the beginning of a term (lost/ripped permits cannot be replace)

•If you wish the permit to be used for multiple vehicles, when requesting for one you will need to note down the various cars, then you will be issue with one permit that can be displayed in any of the listed cars that you have requested it for.

•If you wish to have a second permit, you can do so by paying for an additional one at £10.

•Parking permits are requested at the same time a new term is being paid for.

•Parking permits are issued on the 1st week of the new term from the Oasis Reception desk from one of our members of staff from G Ball Swim School. Oasis staff are not permitted to hand our parking permits.

•If a G Ball Swim School client has been presented with a parking ticket for not complying with the rules as stated on purchasing, will not be liable to pay/ reimburse for any parking fines.